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John Farrell diagnosed with Stage 1 Lymphoma

Red Sox manager John Farrell has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox manager has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Lymphoma and will miss the rest of his season as he begins treatment. The cancer was detected Monday when Farrell underwent surgery for a hernia.

As bad as this news is, it sounds like Farrell's situation is about as positive as it can be:

Obviously, though, the rigors of an MLB travel schedule are too much to ask. While Farrell is out, Torey Lovullo will take over as Red Sox manager, though Farrell says he intends to return to his position for the 2016 season.

Baseball, though, is obviously a far cry from the most important thing here. Lineups and rotations will wait. For now, we can only wish John Farrell and his family the best of luck and a fast recovery, so that he, and they, and we can return to the luxury of paying attention to all the things that don't really matter.