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Baseball America names five Red Sox prospects to Low-A best tools list

Greenville is the most exciting team in the farm system this year. No surprise, then, that their best players are earning individual honors.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Five members of the Greenville Drive--Rafael Devers, Javier Guerra, Nick Longhi, Michael Kopech, and Jordan Procyshen--have made Baseball America's top tools list for Low Class-A ball. Devers (third base), Guerra (shortstop), Longhi (first base), and Procyshen (catcher) were named the best defenders at their position, while Kopech was credited with the best fastball.

Those familiar with the reputations of Devers and Longhi defensively might raise their eyebrows at their names being included on the list. Which is why it's only fair to mention two caveats:

1) These lists are the products of polls Low-A managers and coaches. It's a system similar to the one that awarded Derek Jeter the gold glove year in and year out all because he could hit the ball. Except these coaches and managers aren't even the best coaches and managers as found in the major leagues.

2) These lists pit the players against pretty limited competition. The fact of the matter is that the South Atlantic League is small in size and relatively low in quality. Being the best ____ in the South Atlantic League is a nice feather in the old cap, but not exactly the same as being the best defensive third baseman in the American League.

Still, if some of these selections are a bit dubious, it's not surprising to see Javier Guerra mentioned, or the unfortunately suspended Michael Kopech, whose mid-to-high-90s fastball was dominating the league before he was sidelined.

Of note: Yoan Moncada's absence from any and all categories. It seems like an oversight given that he's widely considered one of the best prospects in all of baseball and has been on an absolute tear, but given the logistics of these polls, it's entirely possible he was a victim of his late arrival to Greenville and slow start once there.