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Red Sox 6, Marlins 14: No sunshine in Miami

This team is the worst.

Joe Skipper/Getty Images

Two bad teams met in Miami Wednesday afternoon. Normally, this is when the Red Sox have a chance. These are the games that at least give the fans some small reason to watch an otherwise completely defeated team. Maybe, just maybe, they'll see a win.

So much for that. 14-6, Marlins.

What's there to say? Just about the only hope for the future of this team's rotation, Eduardo Rodriguez, was at his level worst. This wasn't about tipping pitches. It was somehow about throwing hard, hitting spots (at least at a decent clip), and getting nothing out of it. That tremendous defensive outfield behind him were left chasing down doubles. The infield did him no favors, granted, with David Ortiz looking completely out of place at first base, but this was just not a well-pitched game by Rodriguez. The Marlins had no trouble seeing him, and no trouble making contact, and he paid the price.

Said price was "just" four runs through the first five, with the bulk of the damage coming in the second. David Ortiz had destroyed a solo shot to get the Red Sox a run back, and would tack on three more between the fourth and fifth, with Xander Bogaerts leading an effort supported by Jackie Bradley Jr. and Brock Holt to tie the game. But then came the sixth, and all hell broke loose. The Marlins sprayed hard hit balls every which way, with the first four reaching and booting Rodriguez from the game with seven earned runs to his name. It became eight when Ryan Cook immediately allowed an RBI single, which was just the beginning of his own disastrous contribution to the game. By the time Robbie Ross Jr. served up a grand slam to J.T. Realmuto, it was 14-4. 10 runs, one inning, good night.

It's damn hard to hit new lows in a season this awful, and I hesitate to say today was one. David Ortiz added on a second homer, after all, and if the Red Sox lost this game in pathetic fashion, at least they weren't ridiculously far ahead first like in that one game against Toronto. You'd think that never having the lead would be a bad thing, but in terms of the worst losses of the season, it actually kind of helps.

Still, just a terrible showing from one of the players the Red Sox so desperately needed to do well, and somehow the bullpen was up to the challenge of performing worse still. The Red Sox have a day off tomorrow, but I think we'd all be happy if they didn't bother to come back after.