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Koji Uehara's season ended by fractured wrist

This season has just been a treat...

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Koji Uehara's has been placed on the disabled list, and will miss the rest of the 2015 season with a fractured right wrist.

Uehara has been sidelined since taking a line drive to said wrist in last Friday's game against the Detroit Tigers. While initial X-rays apparently did not show the fracture, with Uehara still in pain come Sunday, the Red Sox sent him back to Boston for further tests, leading to the discovery of the fractured wrist.

With the Red Sox bullpen already in tatters, and John Farrell apparently looking to keep Junichi Tazawa in his eighth inning role (at least when Uehara's injury was expected to be short-term), Red Sox fans might be treated to the hilarious reality of Jean Machi and his 5.35 ERA taking over at closer which, if nothing else, would be an entirely appropriate development given the season-to-date.

While Uehara is expected to be ready to go in plenty of time for 2016, the fact that this is his throwing wrist that's hurt should be of no small concern, especially given that the closer is heading into his age 41 season. The Red Sox were already facing a major revamp of their bullpen in the offseason. Add one more red flag to the list.

Consider this all just one last parting gift from Justin Masterson, whose inability to close out a 5-run game convincingly is what brought Uehara in to get hit in the first place. That's what you get when you stick with a guy for three months past the point where it's clear that nothing good can come from his presence.