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Game 85: Red Sox vs. Marlins

Featuring All-Star Brock Holt, which is something I will be saying as often as I can over the next week, because let's be honest, that's pretty damn cool.

Wish I could also say things like "featuring All-Star Mookie Betts" and "featuring All-Star Xander Bogaerts", but the competition is fiercer in the outfield, and...well, and fan voting is stupid if the AL's most valuable shortstop needs to win a second vote just to make the damn roster.

That's as angry as I'll let myself get over stupid things like that.

For now, 78 games until it's finally over, because I won't let that one guy in the comments win even if the Red Sox aren't consistently torturous to watch these days. Hell, I'll keep this up right to the World Series if it comes to that, see if I don't!