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Red Sox option Noe Ramirez, call Steven Wright up

Steven Wright is rejoining the Red Sox. Maybe that will mean an end to some of the team's longest-running problems...or maybe it's just more of the same.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Noe Ramirez' first trip to the majors was short and, frankly, terrible, with the left-handed reliever being returned to Pawtucket after a single four-run inning that (among other things) cost the Red Sox the game Friday night against Houston. Steven Wright will return to the Red Sox in his place.

The question is: did the Red Sox just add another bullpen arm to the mix, or a starter? I've got just about all my hope wrapped up in the latter. While Noe Ramirez was the nail in the coffin, Justin Masterson and Rick Porcello have far-too-often been the fatal wound that puts the Sox there in the first place. Wright has been starting in the minors, for what it's worth, which might indicate the Sox had this eventual move in mind.

Then again, this is the organization that just started Justin Masterson in July, and seems to be actively fighting against what positive momentum they've managed to build in the last couple weeks. At this point I'm about as willing to believe that they've called him up to try his hand at center field in place of Mookie Betts as I am to believe they're actually dealing with some of these problems that have plagued this team for months.