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Ben Affleck betrays Red Sox, presents ESPY to Derek Jeter

Ben, how could you?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ben Affleck is a Red Sox fan. He's one of the more famous Red Sox fans, really. So, imagine our surprise when we find out that he was okay with the idea of presenting Derek Jeter's ESPY to him at this year's ceremony. Yeah, it was ESPN's idea for him to do it, but Ben could have said no. You could have said no, Ben!

Mariano Rivera? Sure, especially if you want to rib him for 2004 one last time. Alex Rodriguez? Well, that would just be hilarious, go for it. But Captain Jetes? There are just some things we can't forgive, Affleck.

jeter affleck
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Then again... maybe there is one way we can forgive this. Maybe it was an attempt by Affleck to finally bring some balance to the cosmos, you know? After all, it's obvious Affleck owes some kind of karmic debt. Why else would the Red Sox have lost on his birthday, August 15, the last 15 times they've played on that day?

So, Ben, if you rolled with it in the hopes of breaking a lesser-known Red Sox curse, then we honor your sacrifice -- this couldn't have been easy for you. If not, well, let's hope the inadvertent result of this betrayal is a Red Sox W against the Mariners at Fenway, because if not, you have some explaining to do.