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Watch Blake Swihart hit his first MLB homer

The switch-hitting backstop finally got a dinger in the 23rd game of his career.

Blake Swihart was put in an impossible situation to begin his MLB career, as he was made the starting catcher for the Red Sox even though he wasn't finished developing at Triple-A. His first week-plus was rough, but he's starting to get the hang of this whole big-leaguer thing, and now he's deposited his first career home over the Green Monster at Fenway:

This put the Red Sox up 3-0 against the Twins in the series finale, and whether that lead holds or not, hey, Boston's catcher of the future finally hit a dinger. There will hopefully be more to come, as the Sox could use them.

This Vine serves a second fun purpose, in that it was started while NESN was fading away from the previous shot, so now there is a ghost living in it. It's right at the beginning, before you hit play, so if you want to see a spooky internet ghost and then a home run, boy, today is your lucky day.