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Game 79: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

Apparently, a 7-4 run has been enough to get some hopes back up. I'm not there yet. I can point to a few other periods where the Red Sox played three games over .500 this year. I can point to ones that happened over shorter periods of time, meaning an even better win percentage. I can point to the 5-2 stretch that came right before the 0-7 one.

But whether you're still thinking about 2015 or have moved on mentally speaking to 2016, Eduardo Rodriguez starts matter quite a bit. While I'm still here to say 84 games until this season is finally over, I'm also here to say that about 17 of those being quality Rodriguez starts would give this season some very real value.

So here's to value, and hoping E-Rod--as he himself prefers to be called--is up to the task.