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Eduardo Rodriguez was tipping his pitches, and Brian MacPherson knows how

Eduardo Rodriguez' disaster start explained in five easy tweets.

Chin up, Eduardo. And not just on fastballs!
Chin up, Eduardo. And not just on fastballs!
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Eduardo Rodriguez has had a very up-and-down introduction to the major leagues. In his first three starts, he was about as good as a rookie can possibly be. In his fourth, he was summarily destroyed by the Toronto Blue Jays. In his fifth, he was right back to dominance, and in his sixth, he went from three innings of excellence to a fourth inning that saw him shelled for six runs in the process of recording two outs.

The bad news for Eduardo Rodriguez is that tonight he has to face off against the Blue Jays team that crushed him the first time. The good news is that he should at least be able to avoid the problems he faced against the Orioles. Speaking to Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal, Red Sox pitching coach Carl Willis revealed that Boston's young lefty was actually tipping his pitches when throwing out of the stretch.

While Willis "didn't want to go into any details" on what it was that was cluing in the Orioles to what was coming next, MacPherson (who you should be following on Twitter if you're not already) actually went to the video, and has made a pretty convincing argument:

Brian MacPherson for assistant pitching coach? Brian MacPherson for assistant pitching coach!