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Fallout 4's debut trailer features post-apocalyptic Fenway Park

It still looks better than it did before John Henry bought the team.

Fallout 4 went from rumor to confirmed on Wednesday morning, with Bethesda's latest entry in the series getting out ahead of the upcoming annual E3 event in Los Angeles. Why does that matter to you, a Red Sox fan? Well, the game is set in a fictional, post-apocalyptic Boston, which means there is a fictional, post-apocalyptic Fenway Park contained within.

fallout fenway

The statue outside of the stadium seems to be there more to alert you to "This is a baseball stadium in Boston" than any specific statue located outside Fenway, but between that, the green wall, and the diamond on the outside of the building, it's pretty clear you're intended to see this as the ruins of Fenway Park.

In-game, it's known as "Diamond City" if this screenshot is any indication:

diamond city

Is that a person dressed like a baseball player in the foreground, or a statue that used to reside outside of the stadium? Either way, it's pretty creepy, even without considering that Fenway has become a stronghold in a post-apocalyptic universe.

If you want to watch the whole Fallout 4 trailer where these screengrabs live, by all means.