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Red Sox sign three senior draftees, find room for Logan Allen

Logan Allen's overslot signing bonus is all but paid for, with three senior draftees signing on for just $25,000 total.

According to's draft tracker, the Red Sox have signed senior draft picks Ben Taylor, Tucker Tubbs, and Michael Gunsolus, taken in the seventh, ninth, and tenth rounds respectively, for a grand total of $25,000.

That the Red Sox locked in all three seniors for cheap should come as no surprise. Players in their position have little-to-no leverage when it comes to negotiating with major league teams. While the best of them can use the threat of playing baseball in an independent league for a year to get what they deserve, for those fringier prospects that comprise most of a senior class, it makes a lot more sense to jump into a major league farm system when given the opportunity.

What's important about this is just how far under slot those three picks are: a combined total of $506,700. That's very nearly enough to make up the difference between eighth round pick Logan Allen's reported ~$725,000 bonus and the recommended slot figure of $175,000. The Sox will still have to find anywhere from $8,000 to $33,000 depending on if Allen comes in at $725,000 or $750,000 when you factor in their ability to go 5% over their pool, but that shouldn't be too hard to do with their top five picks still left unsigned.

Allen certainly stands out from those drafted around him. An 18-year-old lefty with a fastball that's already in the low 90s, he ranked just outside the top-100 draft prospects for both Baseball America and Perfect Game, with Kiley McDaniel placing him at exactly 100.

There's a lot of work left to do before the Sox can call it a draft class, but they seem to have tied off the bottom four of their picks from the first ten rounds with a pretty neat bow, and per Ben Cherington before yesterday's game against the Braves, are at least getting close with Andrew Benintendi. This may be a year without any drawn out signing sagas.