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Lowell Spinners roster includes fourth round pick Tate Matheny, six other 2015 draftees

There's no official word on signing bonuses or any of that, but with seven 2015 draftees on the Spinners roster, it seems safe to say the Red Sox have been hard at work.

It's media day for the Lowell Spinners, and Joshua Kummins of the New England Baseball Journal has snagged a picture of the roster:

Typically rosters for minor league teams aren't exactly hot information, but at least this time said roster features some new faces. A full seven 2015 draftees can be found on the roster, likely indicating that they've either already signed, or are very close to doing so.

Those seven:

Tate Matheny (4th round)
Ben Taylor (7)
Tucker Tubbs (9)
Mitch Gunsolus (10)
Kevin Kelleher (12)
Matt Kent (13)
Chad De La Guerra (17)
Logan Boyd (19)

As a junior out of Missouri, Matheny is the biggest "get" of the bunch, with the other two picks from the first ten rounds both seniors with little in the way of leverage. Matheny, the son of Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, hit .319/.411/.477 in three years with Missouri, and was previously drafted in the 23rd round by his father's team in 2012.

Given that the Sox already have a $725,000 deal with Logan Allen, well above the slot value of where he was picked at #231, it will be interesting to see what Matheny, Taylor, and Tubbs sign for. The Sox have upwards of $400,000 to save against the slot between the two seniors alone.

The Spinners season doesn't kick off until Friday, so it'll be a couple more days before any of these guys see action in uniform. But it seems the Red Sox are getting plenty of their necessaries out of the way early on.