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The Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 125: Seismic Retrogrades

In light of a lousy start, the Red Sox have made a bunch of moves to upgrade the roster and the coaching staff. Marc Normandin and Matt Kory talk about the moves, and the team, and probably other things that I don't know about because I'm writing this before the episode is recorded. It's great though!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Edward Mujica era mercifully comes to an end. The dude was like a cat. He should've been cut like nine times but every time he somehow escaped the falling sword. This time he didn't. And oh good gosh it's about time. It's not like Mujica is/was so terrible. It's that he represents failure. Maybe that's not fair to put on one guy. It's definitely not fair to put on one guy, but there it is. And after going 3-6 against division opponents on the homestand, it was time for some of the dead weight to be jettisoned. All the dead weight can't be jettisoned but some of it can and Mujica was an easily available target. His departure represents the idea that the Red Sox organization isn't going to sit around and accept losing. And that's nice to see. Now we'll just have to wait and see if it makes any darn difference.

Oh and this is a podcast about all this stuff. Enjoy.

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