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Game 40: Red Sox vs. Rangers

It's been a weird week. The Red Sox starting pitchers are doing this thing where they--get this--do not allow a million runs. Wade Miley started it in his outing after (what will very likely prove to be) Justin Masterson's final start.

Now the cycle made it all the way back to him again and he turned in arguably his best performance of the year in terms of pure pitching. He, at least, was not content with just one strong time through the rotation. It's on Joe Kelly to keep it up now, which, frankly, is hardly a given. Aside from the question mark that is the spot vacated by Masterson and whoever it belongs to in the long term, Kelly is probably the greatest uncertainty in the rotation.

Seeing a bunch of hits like last night would be nice, and Kelly having another encouraging outing would be excellent. But all that being said, at this point I'm sure we'll take a win any way we can get it. It feels like the Sox are on the verge of either establishing some momentum, or at the very least plateauing at a reasonable level for now. Going three straight series without dropping any of them would certainly give some credence to that.

Go Sox!