OTM Community Player Predictions

Since we did not have an "official" player predictions series this year, here is a fanpost so those of us who feel prognosticatory can have a chance to pull back the veil of Time and share our certain knowledge of the future with the teeming hoi polloi who are trapped in mere linear temporal progression. Or else pure guesswork, if you don't believe in fate or destiny or 2004.

We will be doing predictions for five position players and five pitchers (our whole rotation) this year. The categories for the position players that you will be predicting are plate appearances, the triple slash line (AVG/OBP/SLG), and home runs. In the case of pitchers, you will predict innings pitched, Ks, BBs, WHIP, and ERA.

Scoring will be a little different this year. If you are within 10% of the true value at the end of the season, you will get points for your prediction, up to a maximum of ten points for a perfect guess. If Mookie winds up with a .300 AVG, anyone who guessed between .270 and .330 will get credit, and the closer to .300 the guess, the higher the point value. If a player gets 20 home runs, you get points for guesses between 18 and 22. WHIP of 1.10 gives points between 0.99 and 1.21. Any questions about scoring?

On to the players!

Please provide your predictions for:


The Sandoval

Han Ram








Please feel free to make any other non-stat predictions in the comments. I will update the field periodically during the season.

May the summer be long and victorious.