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Watch Dustin Pedroia hit the Red Sox first homer of 2015

Off of Cole Hamels, no less.

The Red Sox open their season against the Phillies in Philadelphia, and while the 2015-opening match-up of Mookie Betts against Cole Hamels was comical for a number of trade-rumor-related reasons, things didn't get going until Dustin Pedroia came up to bat afterward.

Pedey launched the first homer of his and Boston's season off of Hamels (as well as the first hit -- he bats second, you know), putting it over the outstretched glove of left fielder Ben Revere:

Hamels probably isn't going to give up a ton of homers because he's Cole Hamels, and Pedroia won't hit a ton of dingers because he never has, which mostly makes this a reminder that baseball is weird and unpredictable and we missed it oh so much.