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Red Sox mascot poses with Smashing Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan

Thanks, Good Morning America.

With Opening Day just days away, a whole bunch of MLB mascots are appearing on NBC's Good Morning America on Friday morning. The Smashing Pumpkins will be performing live, and Chicago's Billy Corgan is a noted baseball fan  So, now we have photos of Corgan hanging out with mascots, including the Red Sox' own Wally the Green Monster.

We also have a photo of Corgan with all of the mascots, including Mr. Redlegs and his terrifying dead eyes. Who approved that design? Why can't you be more like Mr. Met? How many people has Mr. Redlegs tied to railroad tracks?

Okay, everyone describe this moment using only Smashing Pumpkins' lyrics. Today is the greatest day I've ever known, because Wally disarmed Billy Corgan with a smile. Now you do one.