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Red Sox recall Jackie Bradley Jr. from Pawtucket

Jackie Bradley Jr. is back in Boston.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jackie Bradley Jr. is back in the majors for the first time in 2015, rejoining the Red Sox in place of pitcher Steven Wright and, if you trace it back a few days, injured outfielder Shane Victorino.

Victorino's spot on the roster has been filled by a steady stream of Pawtucket pitchers as the Red Sox sought to pad their bullpen. Now, though, with the prospect of a few too many late-inning outfield appearances from the likes of Allen Craig and, in some circumstances, Hanley Ramirez, the team has made the move to give John Farrell a late-inning defensive replacement.

And for now, that seems to be Bradley's role. Brock Holt is still forcing himself into the lineup everyday at whatever position the Red Sox can find for him, leaving scant few opportunities for Bradley to earn a start even in center field, should Mookie Betts get the day off.

Still, Bradley was off to a good start in Pawtucket, hitting .315/.383/.411 in 73 at bats. It's not hard to imagine that the Red Sox would be interested in at least getting him a few plate appearances where possible to let major league pitchers try to exploit the weaknesses in his game that they did so effectively in 2013 and 2014. If Bradley is up to the task of thwarting them, it could prove an interesting new twist in an already complicated outfield situation for the Red Sox.