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Watch the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays with Mookie Betts' walk-off hit

It took the Red Sox the entire nine innings, but they got a lead when it mattered most.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox looked like they were in for a long night when starter Joe Kelly gave up five runs in his first four innings of work, but there was still a whole lot of baseball left to play, and Boston's bullpen and lineup combined to catch up by the bottom of the eighth. Then, in the bottom of the ninth, lead off hitter and center fielder Mookie Betts brought a win to the Sox with a walk-off single that scored shortstop Xander Bogaerts.

The best part (besides the whole winning thing)? It was the first Red Sox lead of the entire game:

Betts entered the night mired in the midst of a poor start. Well, from a slash line perspective, anyway: Mookie was only striking out around 15 percent of the time, and his batting average on balls in play was his main problem despite a lot of loud outs. After a 3-for-4 evening with a walk and a game-winning hit, though, maybe this is the start of a change in his luck, one that will help get the Red Sox back on track.