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The 124th Over The Monster Podcast: What if everything is horrible?

The Red Sox are in first place. Sure, they just lost to the Rays but they're winning, they're beating teams, they're scoring runs. But: what if everything is actually horrible?

run, catcher, run, baseballing awaits!
run, catcher, run, baseballing awaits!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox. Oh, the Red Sox. They're baseballing now and when they baseball sometimes they baseball well but sometimes, other times, times distinct from those first good-baseballing times, they baseball badly. Those can be tough times, baseball-wise, but really the larger problem is probably elsewhere. Because sometimes people who love the Red Sox and the way the Red Sox baseball and the way they baseballed when they were kids, spend too much time flipping the heck out about the bad baseballing while forgetting there is so much more baseballing to be baseballed before the baseball season ends. Also we talked about Joe Kelly.

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