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Red Sox DH David Ortiz suspended 1 game for bumping umpire

The Red Sox DH gets an unscheduled day off after making contact with an ump.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

David Ortiz argued balls and strikes with home plate umpire John Tumpane in Sunday's game against the Orioles, and that got him tossed. He'll serve more of a punishment than that, however, as he bumped Tumpane in the aftermath, and that's a no-no in Major League Baseball. Ortiz has been suspended for one game, and while not bumping into umpires is kind of an obvious thing, Ortiz is going to appeal the suspension anyway.

This shouldn't harm the Red Sox much, if at all, given they don't mind handing Ortiz a day off every now and again anyway: he's 39 years old, you know. So, expect Allen Craig or Daniel Nava to grab some at-bats as the designated hitter on whatever day Ortiz ends up serving his suspension, or for Brock Holt to take the field and give a regular position player a day off from their glove.

If you're wondering why Ortiz would bother appealing an ump bump, it's likely because players tend to appeal just about everything rather than just let the league dictate punishments outright. Royals' reliever Kelvin Herrera just threw a fastball as hard as he could by Brett Lawrie's head on Sunday and then pointed to his own head in a threatening manner, and he'll likely appeal his five-game suspension just because it's what you do.