OTM Fantasy: Week #1

Seeing as our first week starts in 3 days I figured we'd title this thread the Week ! thread. As usual unrec the old and rec this one and best of luck as we start the long fantasy season


2014 OTM Fantasy Champs!

OTM1: Wolf9309

OTM2: joestone

OTM3: White Coat Syndrome

OTMD: gizmosandy

OTMS: Jack Sileo (non-OTM'er)

OTMR: White Coat Syndrome


League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew | Draft Pick Tracker
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty) | OTMD Team Capsules
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)

OTML: Ted Williams (Loyalty)


Community Notes/Links:

OTM Fantasy Baseball By-Laws


2015 Innaugural OTML Team List

1 brogshan: Nationals
2 18-1 damn: Dodgers
3 .406: Red Sox
4 gizmosandy: Cubs
5 BZ: Blue Jays
6 Justin_Bobo: Pirates
7 JimXavier: Cardinals
8 WCS: White Sox
9 fitzryp: Mariners
10 TimRich88: Marlins
11 Sologub: Angels
12 TLS: Tigers
13 AlohaSox: Mets
14 titio1300: Indians
15 RSF: Reds
16 zacchro: Padres


Data Files:

OTM Fantasy Managers Matrix

OTM Draft Valuation Spreadsheet

OTM Historical Points Database