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Hanley Ramirez cracked the Green Monster with a line drive

We weren't kidding about how strong Hanley has gotten.

On Wednesday, Hanley Ramirez hit a ball as hard as humanly possible. We said then it was a good thing the ball went over the Green Monster, because otherwise it would have gone through it. It turns out that we weren't just kidding around, as Hanley cracked the Green Monster with a line drive during batting practice on Friday.

Just... how? How did he do this? We've seen some dents and dings in the Monster, but this is something new:


Entering Friday night's game, by the way, we learned that Ramirez is leading the majors in hits that could cause damage to the Green Monster. Okay, so maybe the category isn't called that...

...but old Wally should watch out just the same.