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Watch Xander Bogaerts win it for the Red Sox with walk-off single

Xander Bogaerts scored Boston's first run, and drove in their last.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox almost had a rough game, as they were being no-hit by Ubaldo Jimenez and then the Orioles' bullpen for the first 4-1/3 innings on Friday. Then, Xander Bogaerts singled and scored Boston's first run on Ryan Hanigan's first homer of the season, but he didn't stop there: Bogaerts also had the final hit of the night, the one that drove in the winning run for the Sox:

Bogaerts' bloop off of Tommy Hunter was perfect, as it was to the deeper part of the outfield -- scoring from second is basically an impossibility on balls hit to left at Fenway -- and it was up in the air long enough for Mike Napoli to get to third base, but not so long that any Orioles' defender could get to it.

Napoli kept on running and scored, and the Red Sox got to avoid another extra-inning confrontation on a Friday against an AL East opponent. Can't ask for more than that!