Lester's performance and my emotional response to it...

Let me begin by saying that Lester has always been a favorite of mine. I feel like we all experienced a lot of super highs and super lows with him. I would go so far as to say I love the guy. We all in some way, shape, or form were with him on his journey through his disease and his amazing comeback from it. He went through the darkest times imaginable and came through it with grace and strength and the fact that he was able to go through that and still become one of the most dominant LH pitchers in the AL is a testament to who he is as a person.

All that being said when the free agency issue reared it's ugly head and it came time to pay the man, not for his past performances, but rather for what he would do moving forward. I had a sinking feeling that it was going to go poorly for the Sox. They don't pay guys on his side of 30 the kind of money we knew it would take to keep our guy. So they made a token offer to keep him, at a significant "discount" to what was considered his price, and he refused. I understand that and I respect that. Although in my heart of hearts I realized that the Red Sox front office knows what they are doing and I understood that paying too much for Lester wasn't good for the team as a whole. I was able to resign myself that Lester was leaving and I was ok with it. He went to the Cubs and that's where my confusion started.

I wanted him to succeed but being selfish I wanted the Red Sox to have been correct in their assumption that he was past his prime. This evidenced by the fact I didn't want him in one of my leagues but I hedged and got him in my NL only competitive league.

So he's now two starts into his huge contract and so far it looks like the Sox were right and I'm still confused as to how to feel. I think I'll leave it as I'm glad the Sox didn't spend the money but I wish that he were pitching a lot better so he'd be happy.

Anyways...that's how I feel about that.