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Bryce Harper thinks Mookie Betts is an 'unbelievable ballplayer'

Game recognize game.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Mookie Betts had an incredible home opener at Fenway Park on Monday. The Red Sox center fielder started things off by robbing Bryce Harper of a homer, then he stole a pair of bases on one play, scored the first run of the day, hit a three-run jack of his own, and finished things off with a bases-loaded infield single to give the Red Sox another run.

This was all Harper's first time seeing Mookie play, and it made an impression on him, with Harper calling his fellow 22-year-old an "unbelievable ballplayer":

The "at that age" thing is pretty funny since Betts is actually a few days older than Harper, but Harper is also in his fourth year in the majors and is special in his own Harperian-only way, so we can consider this his viewing of Betts and company through a more normal lens. You know, the one the rest of us have to see them through.

Harper likely has two games left against Betts in the series, since they are both lineup regulars, so he still has a chance to put a ball or two where even Mookie can't get to. Aim for the parking garage across the street, Bryce. It's your best bet.

If you want to relive Betts' big day, MLB was kind enough to put it all together in one video to carry you through until Boston's next game at 6:05 on Tuesday.