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Watch Tom Brady throw out the first pitch to David Ortiz

It's the Red Sox home opener, and they brought out this year's Super Bowl champion quarterback to kick things off. Well, pitch them off.

The Red Sox home opener at Fenway means the ceremonial first pitch was going to be a big one. Ignore that Tom Brady is probably a Yankees fan, and instead just revel in what we absolutely know for certain: the New England Patriots' quarterback, a multi-time Super Bowl champion, is throwing out the first pitch to David Ortiz, three-time World Series champion with the Red Sox.

Sports, y'all! This isn't the first time Brady has tossed out the first pitch at Fenway for being Tom Brady, of course:

The Sox hadn't won their own championship yet -- at least not one anyone was still alive to recount -- but they would come. As would a few more Patriots' victories here and there.

You can watch full video of Monday's first pitch from Brady at the Boston Globe.