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Mookie Betts robbed Bryce Harper of a homer then hit his own

Happy Opening Day, everyone!

The Red Sox are playing their home opener, with Rick Porcello on the mound against the Washington Nationals. Nats' phenom Bryce Harper took Porcello deep just 10 pitches in to the game, until he didn't. Thanks to Mookie Betts' this was just a very long fly out instead of part of the Bryce Harper Breakout experience.

Mookie still isn't the kind of center fielder he was second baseman, but when he's still in the process of learning the position -- one he has been playing for about half-a-season plus some time in spring training -- and is able to make catches like this, you can only imagine what the future will hold for him.

Harper probably should have gone the other way with his shot, since Hanley Ramirez wasn't about to scale the Green Monster to take the homer away. Mookie was apparently aware of this, as he hit a three-run homer later in the game to put the Red Sox up 4-0.

This came after Betts stole two bases en route to scoring Boston's first run on the day. Not a bad first home opener, Mookie.