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Game 7: Red Sox vs. Nationals

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This game can't be much worse than last night's, and it can sure as hell be a lot better. Let's put 14-4 behind us and open Fenway Park with a win.

Today's Lineups

Michael Taylor - CF Mookie Betts - CF
Yunel Escobar - 3B Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Bryce Harper - RF David Ortiz - DH
Jayson Werth - LF Hanley Ramirez - LF
Ryan Zimmerman - 1B Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Clint Robinson - DH Mike Napoli - 1B
Ian Desmond - SS Shane Victorino - RF
Jose Lobaton - C Xander Bogaerts - SS
Danny Espinosa - 2B Sandy Leon - C
Jordan Zimmermann - RHP Rick Porcello - RHP

Go Sox!