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Watch extra innings highlights from the 19-inning Red Sox win

It took more than two games worth of innings for the Sox to beat the Yanks, but you can see how they pulled it off with this two-minute video. It's much more efficient, really.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

You can admit it: you fell asleep, either accidentally or on purpose, and missed the end of the 19-inning Red Sox - Yankees game. Don't worry, MLB was kind enough to put up video of the extra-inning run scoring from the Red Sox side of things, so you can see all the good without any of that pesky New York scoring.

Runs just keep appearing on the board, all out-of-nowhere-like, but David Ortiz, Pablo Sandoval, and Mookie Betts are there to erase them all.

Ortiz's homer was a 2015 milestone, by the way: it was the first tater trot of 30 seconds or more of the year. You still got it, Papi!

There is something wonderful about a game that goes on this long -- they played two games and change! -- but at the same time, at the pace the Sox and Yanks play at and with how many occasions they play each other over the course of the season, maybe don't let this happen again.

Seriously, baseball gods, we get it: you are capable of playing tricks on us. People need to sleep, though.