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Watch Allen Craig hit an inside-the-park homer. No, really.

He hit this on the one day of the year that makes it difficult to convince y'all he did.

We promise this isn't an April Fools' joke. We even have video to prove that we're telling the truth! Allen Craig, who is probably only faster than David Ortiz among Red Sox players, hit an inside-the-park home run, and it was an adventure even for one of those.

Craig gets a hold of that pitch, and it lands in the exact wrong spot for right fielder Jose Bautista, taking a hard bounce and rolling towards center field. Then, Bautista fell down. Just straight up slipped and fell down, and it delayed fielding the ball even longer.


Bautista then tossed the ball to another outfielder who came to his aid, who threw it to the infield, but it was too late: Allen Craig was coming around to score on an inside-the-park homer. A standing inside-the-park homer.

And somehow, the most surprising thing about this is that it wasn't Craig misplaying a ball and falling down in JetBlue's right field corner.