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Red Sox have not talked extension with Rick Porcello

And Porcello doesn't expect that the two sides will talk, either.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox were outbid for Jon Lester this past winter, and then in the same week traded Rick Porcello. Of the pitchers Boston brought in this offseason, Porcello might be the best one, the arm most believe can settle in as a strong number two starter: combine this with his impending free agency, and the question of whether or not the Sox plan on extending Porcello has been everywhere. You might want to find a new topic to discuss, though, as Porcello says he hasn't talked to the Sox about an extension at all, and doesn't expect they'll have a conversation this spring, either, according to the Providence Journal's Brian MacPherson.

Put down those lit torches and toss your pitchforks aside, folks. The Red Sox and Porcello likely haven't talked contract because it makes no sense for them to do so at this early junction. Rick Porcello is not in a position to say yes to any extension unless it is one that is going to guarantee him over $100 million, because that's precisely the kind of free agent deal he has a chance at signing next offseason. The Red Sox, who maxed out at $135 million for Lester, are not going to hand Porcello over $100 million in guaranteed pay days before he ever even pitches in Fenway Park while wearing their uniform.

Both sides benefit from waiting to see how 2015 plays out before beginning any serious negotiations: Porcello could strengthen his position as a legitimate 200-inning, number two starter, while the Red Sox will have a better sense of what they're getting for their money once a few months have gone by. It's probably safe to say the last thing the Red Sox want to do is open up negotiations with an offer that insults an impending free agent and makes all future conversations difficult. Better to just wait a little on this one while you have the chance, no?

Maybe a few months into the season, the Sox open up extension talks with Porcello, and no one needs to wait until November to find out where he'll be pitching in 2016 and beyond. Maybe the two sides never seriously discuss one, because Porcello isn't as good as the Sox want or because they find someone else to write a check for. Porcello could be huge for the Red Sox, both now and going forward, but until his 2015 begins to answer just who he is on the mound, there is no reason for either side to talk numbers or anything besides this summer.