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Game -32: Red Sox vs. Twins

Woo! Baseball on TV!

Welcome, one and all, to the first game thread of the year! We have Red Sox! We have Twins! We have (some) starters!

We have baseball! And not just the description of baseball! And not just for people who live in or have made the trip to Florida! It's still cold as can be outside, and covered in snow, but at least in this one small way, spring has come.

Unfortunately, it's still not time for the games to matter. We've got a month's wait before that. For now, all that matters is that nobody gets hurt (nobody else--Rusney's already fallen victim to the annual college doubleheader) and the Red Sox go into April at as close to full strength as possible.

So let's just watch some baseball for baseball's sake, with nothing really on the line. No stress, so long as you're smart enough not to let yourself get wrapped up in March results. Because, and repeat after me:

Spring results mean nothing.