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Hanley Ramirez has added all of the muscle

You aren't just imagining that Hanley is bigger than you remember. He actually is.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hanley Ramirez used to be a shortstop. So, he could only get so big and bulked up, or else he'd be far too slow to play well there. (Please hold your jokes about his defense.) Now that he's going to play left field for the Red Sox, he's decided to add all of the muscle. All of it.

Here is Hanley, by his own admission, 25 pounds ago.

And this is Hanley taking batting practice during spring training, after adding those 25 pounds.

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

His neck is as big now as his arms used to be. He might be a little slower than he used to be, but hey, maybe not -- Yasiel Puig weighs 260 pounds, easy, and dude gets from base to base like he was fired out of a cannon.

And maybe a bigger, stronger Ramirez is what will keep him on the field for a full season. Or, at least, help him put balls over any of Fenway's odd fences.