Does Farrell Give too much Credit to Victorino?

In today's game against Northeastern, the Red Sox sported what looks like their opening day roster. What stands out in today's lineup is that Victorino started in right field and Mookie Betts in center field. Is this Farrell's plans for opening day?

Farrell went with the veteran over the rookie last year when he decided to start Grady Sizemore over Jackie Bradley Jr. to start in center field. Farrell made comments during the off season that Victorino starts in right field for him if healthy. Does history indicate that Victorino starts over Rusney Castillo?

If he does, it will be a mistake on Farrell's part. The team did not pay $72.5 million to have Castillo take his talents to triple A. He deserves a starting spot on this team after what he did in limited September play last season.

The alternative is to send Betts to triple A, another mistake. Betts played well enough last season between the majors and minors to earn a spot on this year's roster. He has options though, which makes this an attractive option if Victorino must start for Farrell.

Farrell often sides with the veteran when deciding between a younger player and the veteran. As of now, Victorino does not deserve an automatic start. He had an injury last season that limited his games and now at age 34, is not getting any better.

If both Castillo and Betts are not in the opening day lineup, the Red Sox are falling back into the trap that they set last season by not pushing their veteran players, easing them into the season and not providing enough competition.