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Rusney Castillo really wants you to see his hair

You don't get a haircut like that just to hide it with a hat.

It's Red Sox photo day, which means our system is filled with a whole bunch of pictures of players standing in front of a backdrop trying their best not to look weird! Getty has provided us with 122 such photos, and USA Today with 121. Taking into account all the staff and a few non-roster invitees, that leaves roughly two pictures per person per provider (this is not becoming a math problem, I swear).

All 243 of these photos feature a Red Sox uniform. 239 also feature a Red Sox hat. And then...then there's Rusney Castillo, who really wants you to check out his hair. He didn't just forget his hat, either. There's four pictures with the hat, four without. Two of each for each provider. I don't really know what the logistics of the event are, but I like to think he started with his hat on for one of them, took it off, put it back on for the other, then took it back off again.

Whatever the case, Rusney Castillo--or perhaps one of the photographers--wants you to see his hair. So the least we can do is look at it.