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Red Sox vs. Blue Jays lineup: The away team returns

It's been a while since we've seen the B-team, but they're back in action Thursday as the Red Sox hit the road.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have had a lot of home games of late, making for a lot of impressive lineups. Not so today, as they take the away team--the B-team, if we're not being kind--on the road to face the Toronto Blue Jays.

In fact, this might be the most B-team yet.

Boston Red Sox (9-6)

  1. Brock Holt, LF
  2. Daniel Nava, 1B
  3. Allen Craig, DH
  4. Garin Cecchini, 3B
  5. Bryce Brentz, RF
  6. Blake Swihart, C
  7. Jemile Weeks, 2B
  8. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
  9. Deven Marrero, SS

Starting Pitcher -- Henry Owens

Not a single MLB starter in sight. Not even Mookie Betts, who has often been the one tagged with the responsibility of giving these road teams some starter presence.

Also not a terrible showing for what it is, though. Particularly with both Daniel Nava and Allen Craig trying to show they want that bench job, with top prospects in Henry Owens and Blake Swihart providing plenty of reason to watch for any Red Sox fans catching the away game.

First pitch is at 1:07 because the Blue Jays are, as ever, weird, with Toronto's SN590 providing a radio broadcast.