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Here's Yoan Moncada doing baseball things on video

You've seen him in a team t-shirt, and you've seen him in a suit. Maybe you've even seen him in uniform. But now you can see Yoan Moncada (pretending to) play baseball in Red Sox colors.

By and large, Red Sox fans have seen Yoan Moncada doing two things in the days since he agreed to terms with the Red Sox:

1) Signing his contract

2) Talking to the media at his press conference

And that's all well and good, but it's not really what we're all excited about. After all, Yoan Moncada is a baseball player. And we kind of want to watch him, well, play baseball.

Unfortunately, it's still not quite time for that just yet. But we can have the next best thing: Yoan Moncada pretending to play baseball. Down in Fort Myers to do some scouting work, Baseball America decided to look in on young Moncada as he took infield drills and batting practice at spring training. They caught some of it on tape, giving many of us our first real look at Moncada in a Red Sox uniform.

The video comes with a short, but glowing report that I hesitate to quote here lest I take it in it's entirety, but suffice it to say they like what they see.

Also on display was Michael Kopech, Boston's other first round pick in 2014 after Michael Chavis. He's flown a little under the radar for a Red Sox first rounder, and having thrown fewer than 14 professional innings, there really hasn't been much opportunity to get excited about him just yet. Still, he caught Boston's eye in the draft, and now he's got the attention of Baseball America, with Josh Norris adding another voice in praise of his slider, which "showed the potential for an out pitch."

Many of the team's best Minor League players are still hanging out with the Major League squad for now. But with guys like Moncada and Kopech showing off, and Michael Chavis taking shots at the cycle, anyone down in Fort Myers might want to check out the Minor League camp to see a bunch of guys for whom the novelty of spring hasn't worn off at all.