BZ's Pick 5: Mid-March Update

Luck of the Irish to you all! The Pick-5 Update is back with an........update

Rogue Nine is the clear favorite with his Sandoval/Masterson pick edging out both GerryT and wolf9309 Sandoval/Uehara by tiebreaker.

BobZupcic stands an outside shot still by holding Hamels if the Sox make that play

Everyone else is out

Moniker Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
TheLoneDavid Lester Soto Headley Badenhop Miller
.406 Lester Shields Headley Uehara McCarthy
redsoxu Soto Badenhop Uehara Lee Liriano
J.Elam_RSF Lester Shields Headley Hamels Stanton
gizmosandy Cruz Latos Sandoval Peavy Soto
BobZupcic Scherzer Hamels Ross Sandoval Duke
nuthinboutnuthin Lester Uehara Miller Headley Hamels
Fromalabama Lester Sandoval Vogelsong Ross Badenhop
Shield Wall Uehara Shields Headley McCarthy Latos
East Bay Evans Shields Lester Miller Soto Uehara
titio1300 Uehara Lester Shields Badenhop Sandoval
kimmel09 Shields Uehara Ross Donaldson Latos
Rick Bentsen Lester Uehara Miller Headley Maeda
parasox Shields McCarthy Headley Uehara Ross
MaineSox Lester McCarthy Shields Hamels Maeda
outofleftfield Shields Maeda Lester Hamels Scherzer
bosox1804 Uehara Latos Lester Headley Jaso
Bloggy Lester Miller Valbuena McCarthy Ross
jaaaaasper Lester Miller Badenhop Uehara Ross
wolf9309 Sandoval Latos Lester Maeda Uehara
TimRich88 Shields Maeda Sandoval Latos Miller
Rogue Nine Lester Miller McCarthy Masterson Sandoval
zacchro Lester Shields Headley Miller Sandoval
dwoody3123 Shields Liriano Miller Sandoval Badenhop
Justin_Bobo Soto Neshek Shields Sandoval McCarthy
AlohaSox Lester Miller Headley Uehara Iwakuma
OtLS Badenhop Headley Lester Uehara Ross
B_Edelman Shields Latos Sandoval Ross Miller
orsillo4president Lester Shields Heyward Headley Uehara
GerryT Lester Liriano Uehara Miller Sandoval