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Red Sox introduce Yoan Moncada, lay out future plans

Yoan Moncada is officially a member of the Red Sox.

The Red Sox introduced their newest minor league star Yoan Moncada in a press conference Friday afternoon, making official the signing that was reported back on February 23rd.

The goal for Moncada and the Red Sox alike seems to be getting him into actual games as quickly as possible. Apparently, that will mean a lower start for him in Boston's farm system than anyone might have expected, with Ben Cherington indicating Moncada will begin his climb up the ladder all the way down in Low-A Greenville rather than Double-A Portland as many had guessed.

In part, that assignment might be about keeping Moncada's time in extended spring training to a minimum. He's a little bit behind schedule given the timing of his arrival, but the competition at Greenville really shouldn't prove much of a challenge, and could serve as a relatively short stop before moving up to the higher levels, almost like a rehab stint.

It might also be about keeping him away from April baseball in Portland, where the average April temperature ranges from a low of 35 to a high of 54. Eventually Moncada will have to get used to some brisk spring nights in Boston, but there's no reason to get him started playing about as far north as baseball teams get this side of the border.

Positionally, Moncada said he's most comfortable at second base, and Cherington made it clear that's where he'll be playing for now. He has experience at short, third, and in the outfield as well, but the question of where, exactly, Moncada will play on a crowded Boston roster is hardly an issue just yet. That's a problem that can be tackled in a year or more, as it was with Mookie Betts.

Moncada, who worked out for eleven teams by his estimation, focused on the Red Sox' attention and plan for his career as reasons for signing in Boston, and especially thanked Luis Tiant for sitting down with him during the process.

Now with the all the negotiations and press conference out of the way, all that's left for Moncada is baseball. It promises to be a fun ride.