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Let Red Sox minor league mascots be your wingmen on Valentine's Day

With a little help from minor-league mascots, you too can have a happy Valentine's day.


Don't know what to do on Valentine's Day to surprise your special someone? Well, if they like baseball and/or mascots, the Portland Sea Dogs and Pawtucket Red Sox would like to give you a hand. Or paw, I guess. Or flipper. A sea dog isn't actually a dog, you know, unless they were a canine Elizabethan pirate, anyway.

All that aside, you can send your hard-earned American dollars to the Sea Dogs or PawSox, and for your money you will purchase a delivery of flowers, tickets, and a hat to your lover/friend/enemy of choice. The PawSox will hook you up with a pair of flex tickets to one game along with roses and a hat for $85, while the Sea Dogs will charge you $100 for a dozen red roses, a hat, and tickets to six games. Almost all of them are for a special event, too, with Opening Day, two fireworks nights, and September's Field of Dreams evening included. When you consider how much roses cost and how few socially acceptable opportunities you have for an animal mascot to aid in your relationship, how can you pass that up?

If you're within a 30-mile radius of Portland, you can email or call and get Slugger on your Valentine's mission. The PawSox didn't give such explicit information, but you can contact their offices and find out more if you're in the area. Both teams will make delivers from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the Sea Dogs doing so on the 13th and the PawSox making stops on both the 13th and 14th.