OTM Fantasy: Pre-Season #3

We just keep filling up threads, don't we? The ESPN fantasy site is down for annual maintenance, upgrades, etc, but that hardly slows us down. The innaugural OTM Loyalty (OTML) team draft is underway, and nearly complete! Draft order with team selections are listed below. The mostly complete By-Laws are also linked below (thanks for doing those, BZ!).



2015 Drafts

OTM1/2/3/S Draft Dates/Times should be run either the weekend of March 14-15, March 21-22, or March 28-29. Keeper set deadline is always one week prior to the draft. OTML draft will likely occur during one of those weekends as well (I assume?)

OTMD rosters will be locked for one week when the site comes up and the "draft" will be run. Waivers will open immediately after the draft.


2014 OTM Fantasy Champs!

OTM1: Wolf9309

OTM2: joestone

OTM3: White Coat Syndrome

OTMD: gizmosandy

OTMS: Jack Sileo (non-OTM'er)

OTMR: White Coat Syndrome


League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew | Draft Pick Tracker
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty) | OTMD Team Capsules
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)


Community Notes/Links:

OTM Fantasy Baseball By-Laws


2015 Innaugural OTML Team Draft Order

1 brogshan: Nationals
2 18-1 damn: Dodgers
3 .406: Red Sox
4 gizmosandy: Cubs
5 BZ: Blue Jays
6 Justin_Bobo: Pirates
7 JimXavier: Cardinals
8 WCS: White Sox
9 fitzryp: Mariners
10 TimRich88: Marlins
11 Sologub: Angels
12 TLS: Tigers
13 AlohaSox: Mets
14 titio1300: Indians
15 RSF: Reds
16 zacchro: Padres


Data Files:

OTM Fantasy Managers Matrix

OTM Draft Valuation Spreadsheet