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The Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 121: Yoan Moncada

The Red Sox signed Cuban free agent Yoan Moncada so we talk about that.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you saw it coming, but I didn't. Based on all the reports, there didn't seem to be much chance the Red Sox would be the winners when the Yoan Moncada race ended. The Yankees had the money and the need. The Dodgers had money, money, and money. The Brewers had as much or more need as any organization in the game so, sure, why the heck not? The Padres just buy stuff now. Whatever, buy it.

The Red Sox on the other hand are different. They have a good farm system, they have young players locked up long term, ergo they don't need Yoan Moncada. Sure they were over the international spending limit already, so the penalty was going to be incurred either way, but the Yankees are in the same position and they're the Yankee$. Point is, Moncada ain't coming to Boston.

Except yes he is!

So this is a very exciting podcast about a very exciting prospect the Red Sox signed. As when the Red Sox do anything, there are questions. What exactly is Moncada good at? Where will he start in the system? When can we expect to see him in Boston? Where does he fit in their minor league rankings? Does this mean they're trading the rest of the farm for Cole Hamels? (NO!) All these questions are covered in this, the 121st OTM Podcast.

After that, because why the heck not, we talk a bit about the outfield situation, starting right fielder Shane Victorino, what happens to Mookie Betts if Victorino is healthy, and where Allen Craig fits in to all of this.

As always, I welcome your thoughts either here in the comments section or over email (matthew dot kory at gmail). Hope you enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening.

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