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Everyone looks fat if they slouch like Pablo Sandoval

Okay, maybe Joe Kelly doesn't. The important thing is that he tried.

Pablo Sandoval got a lot of negative attention directed at his stomach earlier this week, when an unflattering photograph surfaced on Twitter. Panda has dealt with the criticism with a smile, though, as have his new teammates Hanley Ramirez and Joe Kelly, who took a moment to do the "Panda Pose" while in the gym.

Do the #pandapose @kfp48 @redsox #youknowme @mlb

A photo posted by Se Feliz No Perfecto (@hanleyramirez13) on

It's also worth pointing out that Sandoval doesn't look anywhere near as large as he did in the photo that caused this comedic Instagram moment with teammates. It's almost like -- and stay with me here -- not every photo tells you exactly what someone looks like. Maybe Panda was just coming back from a large breakfast, or maybe he was just slouched backwards in the same way he and his teammates are here and he looked bad because of it.

That, or Sandoval is sucking in his gut as hard as he can for this photo, but you know what? If you can still effectively suck in your gut, then you're not all that big, are you?

Anyway, I'm glad Panda was able to shrug off the fat shaming people were throwing his way. It's aggravating he had to put up with it to begin with, but between concern trolling and disbelief he'll be any good in a few years because of his weight, those thoughts aren't going away anytime soon.