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Red Sox place seven prospects on Baseball America's top 100

Seven Red Sox players have made their way onto Baseball America's list of the top 100 prospects in baseball.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America's top 100 prospects list features seven Red Sox prospects, tying them for first place with the Mets and, when Trea Turner finally ends up in Washington, the Nationals.

While the Red Sox will gladly share first place honors, frankly their claim to that title rests on slightly shaky ground. Six of the names are exactly who you'd expect. Blake Swihart leads the pack at no. 17 with Henry Owens joining him in the top 50. Eduardo Rodriguez isn't too far behind Owens, with Manuel Margot, Brian Johnson, and Rafael Devers all coming in before the finish line.

The seventh name on that list is Rusney Castillo, coming in at no. 21. Castillo was certainly not signed by the Red Sox as a prospect--he made his way to the majors after the briefest of minor league stints to shake off rust--but this fits in line with how Baseball America determines eligibility in years past. See: Daisuke Matsuzaka, whose first-place ranking pre-2007 is not exactly the publication's best moment.

On the whole, Baseball America's take on the system is actually fairly middle-of-the-road. Kiley McDaniel seems the most optimistic, and while John Sickels hasn't released his actual rankings, his grades for Boston's best suggest they will be well-represented indeed. rates Owens very highly (back-to-back with Swihart), but is not nearly so impressed with the rest. Baseball Prospectus, like Baseball America, groups Owens, Rodriguez, and Margot around the middle, but features only five names.

Of course, the common thread is that Boston's farm system is very good, and that Blake Swihart is the cream of the crop. Frankly, we're getting into broken record territory at this point, but that's just the way things work with so much more focus on the minor leagues these days. You could also generally read into Owens topping Rodriguez, Margot jumping awfully high on some lists, and Brian Johnson being awfully divisive (Sickels rates him outside of the organization's ten best). But beyond that we're into nit-picking territory.