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Red Sox players take to Twitter to celebrate Patriots' Super Bowl XLIX victory

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX in dramatic fashion, inspiring plenty of celebration from Red Sox players.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night the New England Patriots became the latest team to bring a major championship to the Boston area, defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX.

There's a certain sense of camaraderie that seems to form between athletes representing the same city in different sports. And while that may not always hold perfectly true (Tom Brady's baseball loyalties come to mind), the Red Sox certainly got behind the Patriots last night.

Dustin Pedroia is, unsurprisingly, a fan of good defense. And while Malcolm Butler came away with the most impressive sequence of plays on the night, it's pretty safe to say Pedey's got Darrelle Revis in mind here:

Shane Victorino had quite a bit to say...

Brandon Workman wins the prize for best prediction on the night, calling for a big second half from Brady, who finished the game by completing 13 of 15 pass attempts as he led the Patriots on two big touchdown drives in the fourth quarter.

Mookie Betts...well, like Pedroia he needs to step his hashtag game up. And he commits one hell of a faux pas which we won't get into here. But those are just rookie mistakes. He'll figure it out.

Even some former Red Sox got in on the fun. Will Middlebrooks apparently had some nice seats:

But if there's one man on the Red Sox who knows how to celebrate a win, it's Mike Napoli.

He may still be running shirtless through the streets at this very moment. We can only hope.