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Blake Swihart was always amazing at everything

You think we're exaggerating but it's the truth.

Elsa/Getty Images

Blake Swihart is the top Red Sox prospect. He's the top catching prospect in the game, too. Swihart also is apparently great at everything, and has always been that way, to the point where his back story sounds unbelievable. WEEI's Rob Bradford has all the details on why we shouldn't be surprised that he's turned into a baseball player the Red Sox don't want to trade, because why would you get rid of an athletic superhero?

Let's take it one ridiculous item at a time.

  • Swihart won a national wrestling championship when he was nine years old

  • Swihart was throwing 85 miles per hour as a pitcher before he started high school

  • As a high school junior, Swihart threw 98 mph, but quit pitching because he preferred to hit

  • Swihart hasn't always been a switch-hitter, but he doubled the very first time he hit lefty

Digging even further, we find that Swihart used to play basketball like his 6-7 father, and that it was considered Blake's best sport. He was a shortstop in high school, and played first base and left field for Team USA before committing to a life behind the plate. Now, he's one of the better defensive catchers in the minors and projects to hit like an all-star backstop in the majors. This all hardly seems fair, but here we are.

It's safe to say that Swihart is something of an athlete, and has been that way for a while now. As Bradford notes, though, that doesn't make his future a guaranteed success. At the least, though, if he fails to make it as a catcher, the Sox could always see if he can still throw 98 mph.

That, or they could have him wrestle Ruben Amaro in a Cole Hamels on a pole match. Whichever is the most effective use of resources.