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Over The Monster Podcast, Ep. 120: Prepping for the 2015 minor league season

Matt Kory welcomes Chris Hatfield of Sox Prospects to discuss the year ahead in Red Sox prospectdom.

Here's your number one guy, Red Sox fans, Blake Swihart
Here's your number one guy, Red Sox fans, Blake Swihart
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday as you may know was Truck Day, that most fabulous of days when we all join together and give thanks that a giant truck filled with jock straps, doughnuts, and used baseballs is about to drive 1500 miles. When it comes to signs of Spring, heck, we'll take just about anything. But it's true, folks. Spring is here. Well, not "here" here, as in not here in New England, but it's here in Florida, creeping creeping creeping slowly northward, bit by itty bitty bit. Soon there will be only a small amount of snow on the field at Fenway! Dare to dream, my friends.

All of this means it's basically baseball season and that means it's time to talk baseball (though when is it not time to talk baseball?). In this case though it's time to talk about the year to come in the Red Sox minor league system. The Top 10 lists are out and Chris Hatfield, Executive Editor of Sox Prospects, and I, Matt Kory, Executive Editor of nothing at all, go through the Baseball America list, the Baseball Prospectus top 101, and the Sox Prospects top 10. Before that we get into the Cole Hamels rumors, what would be too much and talk about the Red Sox (and Phillies) situations with respect to that potential trade. From there it's a free ranging discussion of Red Sox prospectdom. Manuel Margo, Rafeal Devers, and Blake Swihart Swihart Swihart. Damn was it glorious.

You can follow Chris at @SPChrisHatfield, and read his stuff at Do it.

As always, I welcome your thoughts either here in the comments section or over email (matthew dot kory at gmail). Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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