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Yoan Moncada appears to be in playing shape

The long layoff after leaving Cuba doesn't seem to have hurt his training at all.

Yoan Moncada left Cuba last June, and only recently became a free agent. So, he might be a tad rusty on the diamond, but it looks as if he went to the gym once or twice while he waited for the United States government and Major League Baseball to clear him to sign.

Hey, hey, eyes up here. He's too young for you.

Anyway, I believe Rusney Castillo's Under Armour shirt was similarly painted on when we first got a look at him as a member of the Red Sox organization. At least we know all these dudes are using their pre-MLB downtime productively so they can hit baseballs very very far once they get a chance to do so again.

Moncada is expected to sign by the end of February, shortly after he finishes his slate of private workouts. He's already had one with Boston, who are still considered one of the favorites for the infield prospect. If you want to know more about him, that Callis article was actually meant to enlighten you about Moncada's abilities more so than just show you that he's lifted before.